Bill Barboni, DVM


Dr. Barboni grew up in a ranching family in west Marin. Having an inquisitive nature and surrounded by animals (large and small), his compassion and dedication to their well-being began at an early age. It was not a surprise to anyone when he graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1979.

He has made Marin Pet Hospital his second home since 1982. Dr. Barboni has dedicated himself to providing the best care to his patients, combining innovative technology and the latest treatments with compassion and respect. Dr. Barboni is an advocate for maintaining an animal’s dignity and has developed a particular affinity for his geriatric patients, who have given their entire lives to his clients.

He has worked extensively with rescue groups and the Marin Humane Society, providing many of his services at little or no cost. His philosophy is essentially that if the will and spark of life is seen in the animal’s eyes, then he will do all he can to support and treat it. The life of the animal should not be determined by expense. He is a member of AVMA and CVMA.

Dr. Bill Barboni, DVM