Jack and Dolores Kelly with “Biscuit”
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TPLO Surgery | Pet Boarding

Marin Pet Hospital is a full service small animal hospital. We provide care from vaccinations and spay/neuter, to significant work-ups for orthopedic and TPLO surgeries, and chemotherapy. We work in conjunction with board certified surgeons and radiologists on site, and fully boarded ophthalmologists, dermatologists and other specialists off-site. In addition, we offer boarding for dogs, cats and pocket pets. We also provide basic grooming care; bathing, nail trims, ear cleaning and matt removal. We accept Care Credit and are happy to work with pet insurance companies.

Our veterinarians will need to see your pet to make their best recommendation for your pet’s health care. If we have never seen your pet before, it is always helpful to have any health records your pet may have accumulated faxed to our office prior to your pet’s initial visit. If we have seen your pet before, but your pet has been to another veterinarian or vaccine clinic in between visits to us, please bring the records with you or have them faxed to us so we can maintain a complete record for your pet.