The Adventures of Charlie Mac (written by our client, Vivian Malcy)

On or about September 15th, a small black-and-white cat appeared in our back yard.  A consistent meowing led us to believe that this was not a wild cat.  It approached us and definitely wanted attention.  Not knowing the cat (and never owning a cat), we tentatively pet it.  We assumed it lived at a house in the neighborhood and was just making its rounds.   After several days of consistently showing up, Ken decided to feed it.  So, of course the cat continued to show up promptly at sundown for a little snack.  We named the cat Charlie because it reminded us of Charlie Chaplin and figured it was good as either a male or female name.

When one of our neighbors told of plans to have the cat captured and brought to the Marin Humane Society we could not bear the thought of not having our nightly visit.  I put a picture of the cat on our neighborhood website hoping someone would identify it as theirs or know where it lived.  The number of people who saw the cat on a regular basis was amazing.  This cat was working the neighborhood!  Our goal was to capture the cat, take it to a vet to see if it was micro-chipped and give it a medical once-over.

On October 11th, we got the cat into a carrier (not fun for any of us) and brought it to Marin Pet Hospital.  We explained the situation to Dr.  Harris and off they went into the examining room.  After a few minutes, Dr. Harris came back with information.  First, Charlie was a boy.  Second, Charlie’s name was Mac.  He was micro-chipped but was not registered.  Coincidentally, Charlie aka Mac, was micro-chipped in their office so they knew the original owner.  Dr. Harris called her and we could hear bits and pieces of the conversation through the door. 

They talked for awhile and we were preparing ourselves to say goodbye to Charlie.  We were not ready to do so and Dr. Harris could see our disappointment when she told his the original owner, Denise,  had been located.  Dr. Harris let us know that Denise moved into the City and left Mac with her sister.  For reasons we will never know, Mac ran away.  He ended up in our neighborhood about 2 miles from his new home.  He had been on his own for several weeks. 

We left Charlie aka Mac at Marin Pet Hospital, not knowing if we would see him again.  We gave them our contact information in case Denise wanted to call us.  About 10 minutes after we arrived home, we got a call from Dr. Harris.  Her words were “the world has gotten smaller.”  Apparently, when Denise saw my name and address, she realized that we knew each other.  She worked at a local bead store where I was a frequent customer.  We always talked when I came in and enjoyed our conversations.  She told me that she had Mac since he was a kitten and was so glad he was found safe and sound.  Knowing she could not have a cat in her current situation, she was thrilled when I said we would like to adopt him.

In a borrowed carrier Charlie aka Mac appeared at our front door with Denise.   She and I hugged and could not believe the turn of events.  Since that day, Charlie Mac has lived with us and has not begged to be let outside.  He seems to be very happy not  having to hunt for food, watch out for trouble,  or figure out who was home to play with him.  We are learning what we have always heard people say they love about cats and after a few adjustment days, we are all happy to have each other.  We have since gotten together with Denise and feel like we got two new friends at the same time.

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