Dogs & Heat Stroke Prevention

Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogssch

Spring and Summer are great times for pets to enjoy the outdoors. Taking a few precautions will help ensure your pet does not become overheated.


We are all familiar with not leaving a dog in the car due to heat exposure, but there are other considerations to prevent your pet from succumbing to heat stroke too. Make sure your pet always has ready access to shade. Your pet will drink more in hot weather, so it may be time to put out two water bowls, or one larger one.


On hot days, refrain from taking your dog on long hikes or runs in the middle of the day. Try to get your run in early, and keep an eye on your pet. If he is panting so hard that his tongue is hanging out of his mouth, he may be over-heated. Put your pet in the shade and offer small, frequent sips of cool water. Wet-down your pet in cool, not cold, water to cool him down.


If you are really concerned that your pet is overheated,  or he has not stopped panting within ten minutes of getting him in the shade and bathing him, you should take his temperature (rectally). If the temperature is over 103.5 you should give us a call. If you can’t take the temperature or you don’t want to take it, we can take the temperature for you. Just give us a call and let us know you are on your way.


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