Foxtail Prevention

Health Tip: Foxtails

Once this pointy seed dries out, it easily detaches from its stalk after which it then floats around freely waiting for your pet to inhale it up his nose. P1010025-copy

Your pet will usually begin pawing at the side of his nose and / or begin sneezing violently. It is rare for your pet to be able to sneeze out a foxtail as it has tiny little barbs on its sides that make the foxtail really only want to travel in one direction. The other common areas for foxtails to lodge themselves are in ear canals and between toes.

We recommend trimming long hair away from the base of the ears and in between toes to help prevent foxtails from becoming caught and then penetrating your pet’s skin. If your pet begins sneezing, shaking his head or rubbing his face on the floor, or if you notice him licking a paw a lot it could be a foxtail has taken up residence and needs to be removed.

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