Stephanie Weiss July 2011

Stephanie Weiss with Bailey and Cody

Stephanie Weiss has been a client of Marin Pet Hospital for close to 15 years. Her previous dog, Bailey was a service dog and came to Marin Pet Hospital from the time he was a very young puppy. One of our favorite stories to tell people is how Bailey was so excited to see us each time he came in, that he nearly jumped over the counter to visit with the staff. Unfortunately, Bailey passed away a couple years ago from cancer. We miss him dearly.  Now we frequently see the rest of Stephanie’s brood, including her adorable Pomeranian, Cody and her cats, Dinkus, Garfunkle, Nala, Maddie, Pippy and Tigger. Cody has recently been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. He should do well with careful monitoring and some TLC from Stephanie. This shouldn’t be a problem, as no one takes better care of their pets than Stephanie! Luckily, her cats have all been fairly healthy and have only had to come in for routine exams and vaccinations. Stephanie always walks through our door with a smile on her face and this is why she is one of our favorite clients! We are truly lucky to have her as part of the Marin Pet Hospital family.

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