Maria Miner August 2011

Maria and Charlie Miner

Maria Miner has been a Marin Pet Hospital client for approximately five years now. She is very well known around here for her two adorable bull dogs, Charlie and Summer-Posey. Both dogs are wonderfully sweet and incredibly charming. Summer-Posey, a true MPH favorite,  unfortunately died earlier this year after a brave battle with heart failure.  

Charlie has a true survivor’s tale. Maria brought him in for an exam at the end of June because he was panting and had a decreased appetite. On his exam, we felt a mass in his abdomen. X-Rays and an ultrasound showed that the mass was in his spleen. After a thorough work up, we had no evidence that the mass had spread anywhere else in Charlie’s body so Maria elected to go to surgery to remove the spleen. We were all hoping that the mass was benign, as in these cases, surgery is curative.

Charlie the miracle dog

When Charlie came in for surgery, he had a heart arrhythmia caused by the mass in his spleen. This makes surgery and anesthesia much riskier. Making matters worse, it was discovered that the mass was also attached to his abdominal wall and intestine, so it had to be carefully removed from all its attachments. During surgery, the mass started bleeding and Charlie lost a lot of blood. Charlie needed medication for the arrhythmia and a blood transfusion for the blood loss. Charlie recovered extremely well and went home the next day. A few days later, the biopsy results came back, and to our (and Maria’s) delight, the mass was benign! Thanks to the amazing, loving care Maria provided during his recovery, Charlie is now prospering! He is such an amazing little guy with so much heart. We are so happy to have Maria as a client and we hope that Charlie stays happy and healthy for many more years to come!

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