Garfield the cat

Garfield, aka "Mr. Handsome"

This adorable kitty is Garfield. He is a senior citizen now, at the ripe old age of 17! He has been a patient of ours since he was only 8 weeks old. But don’t let his old age fool you; Garfield is still incredibly young at heart. Sadly, Garfield’s owner experienced some hardship during this troubled economy and she is unable to have Garfield with her in her current living situation. Because of this, MPH has been housing Garfield for over a year now. He has become used to his new accommodations and the staff is very fond of him. After hours or during slow times of day, we let him roam around the hospital. He explores the exam rooms, the kitchen and even the closets during his after-hours adventures. One of his favorite activities is to visit with our front staff and sit on his “honorary” stool and gaze out the front window. He has also been known to share our receptionist’s lunch; some of his favorites are turkey and chicken.  His devoted mom visits him every week and brings him yummy treats as well.  It’s clear that the bond between them is still very strong. Garfield is one of the sweetest, most loving kitties at our practice and he is truly a staff favorite. We are extremely happy to help such a wonderful, loving owner and amazing cat during a very difficult time

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