Bev Smith June 2012

Bev Smith has been a client of ours for over 15 years. She is without question, one of the kindest people we have ever met. She has an amazing heart and treats all of her animals with care and compassion. Last year, a long time MPH client passed away and left their poodle, Biscuit with us in hopes of finding a caring home. The staff loves Biscuit and we were committed to finding him the best home possible. Around the same time, Bev expressed interest in adopting another dog. Knowing her love for her animals and wonderful home that Bev provides, we told her about Biscuit. Bev took Biscuit home and the rest is history! Though she experienced some rocky roads with Biscuit during his initial trial period at her house, she has showed great dedication and helped Biscuit recover from his insecurities about his new home. We know that Biscuit’s original owners are looking down on him with a smile knowing that their beloved Biscuit is receiving such great care.

Biscuit Smith

 In addition, Bev’s other dog, Carlos presented with a mass on his right front leg in March 2012.  The mass was a peripheral nerve sheath tumor, and because of its location, all of it could not be removed surgically.  Carlos went to an oncology specialist to receive radiation to kill the remaining cancer cells. He is now 3 months past his surgery and doing well. Even through all of his treatments, Carlos still comes through our door with tail wagging and excitement on his face. It has been a pleasure of ours to watch her animals grow and thrive and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for this remarkable family.

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