Anne Barker October 2012

Elsa’s glamour shot!


Anne Barker is one of our busiest clients. With four cats, she certainly has her hands full, which, in turn, has also made her one of our most recognizable clients. Even with the number of times she has had to visit our hospital, she has never lost her sense of humor, and takes everything in stride. She has been an MPH client for close to 14 years.  Cassady, her oldest critter is in renal failure and needs consistent treatment with subcutaneous fluids and a special diet. Her kitty Elsa has respiratory issues and is currently being treated by us, an internal medicine specialist and she is heading to UC Davis soon to see a respiratory specialist. Ezra, her oldest boy has had a few urinary problems in the past but is currently maintained on a special diet. Last, but certainly not least, is her cat H.B, who (dare we say it) is presently healthy. Through all of her troubles with each cat, Anne has remained calm and completely organized. We have repeatedly referred to her as one of the most organized and prepared people any of us know.  She manages to find time to update us weekly on the status of each cat. Anne’s diligence and hard work help make our jobs easier and provide us with essential information to treat her cats properly. Her kitties are incredibly lucky to have her for their mom and we are certainly lucky to have her as a client.


Ezra proving that he can still look handsome with a cone on his head


Elsa, Ezra, Cassady and H.B

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